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A List of World-Celebrated and Famous Celebrity Psychics of all Times

You must have read the statistics that at least one in every Americans have had some psychic moment in their life huh? While some people do not believe in these spiritual readings, no doubt when these famous psychics opened up about their lifestyles many people started to believe in them. Do you believe in psychics or you are yet to make up your mind on the same? Here is a very useful resource that should guide you into making up your mind with a list of celebrity psychics that are becoming a household name.

John Edwards starts us off on this useful resource who according to history he traces back his special abilities and talent to when he was a young boy. He started documenting about how he knew various events which took place before he was even born. The events he was writing about were secrets that were in his family history and lineage. The moment John Edward met Lydia Clar is when his life took a turn for the better and he became a celebrity and celebrated psychic practicing more openly. He started to share his psychic abilities and talents more openly and teaching people about his practice.

Next in line is Lisa Williams, a psychic medium of British origin and whose psychic history and abilities is worth talking about. Lisa William’s grandfather was believed to be a psychic so part of her history and her special abilities could be traced back to her grandfather. A striking similarity between Lisa Williams and John Edwards is the fact that they both could describe events that happened long ago before they were born. However, her description of these people was discovered to be that of people who had died way before she was born. Although she didn’t want to be a psychic medium per se, she found herself sharing reading with family, friends and strangers.

No doubt there is a lot you can learn from this useful resource when it comes to spiritual readings which she perfected over the years. She had an encounter with TV host Merv Griffin and that is how she became a household name in Television thanks to the many shows she produced. We cannot close this list of popular psychic mediums without the mention of James Van Praagh, Esther Hicks, Zibia Gasparetto, Chip Coffey and Theresa Caputo. Indeed these are celebrity psychics worth mentioning and talking about in websites and blogs.