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How Florida Humidity Affects the Air Conditioners.

The summers in Florida are quite hot and can even reach 90 degree Celsius and if you have a faulty CA this could be devastating news for you and your family.

When there are issues with the refrigeration lines in Florida there are cracks in lines and coils and may result to leaks, this is evident when the air in the house is not consistent or when there is a blow the AC will let some warm air to the room.

If you have an AC that is constantly shutting off and on this could mean that the condenser on the outside is clogged with dirt or blocked by plants, this will block the temperature from regulation as required and this can be fixed by a qualified HVAC for instance.

The condensing motor fan is located in outside of the AC unit and this means that is usually exposed to outside elements and temperature all year round, if you live in Florida considering the temperatures can rise to almost 90 degrees Celsius it is high time you have it replaced.

Another Florida air conditioning issue will occur when the compressor is failing, the HVAC compressor is expensive to in replacing, this is why you need to consider whether it is wise to replace the compressor or buying an entire piece all together, in most cases replacing with an new one is better especially if the AC is more than 5 years.

Once the air filter or the return ducts in the air conditioner are clogged as a result of dirt you will have the coils frozen, to fix the common problem in Florida of the air condition it is easy to replace the filter and remember to check the return ventilation for any blockage.

The AC unit requires moisture to run, when there is blockage in the drainage, the moisture is collected and this will result in mold and mildew, to collect the issue, flush out with vinegar and for the bigger issues you can have a specialist look into the problem.

Another issue with AC in Florida is that most could be long have reached their lifespan, the humidity and the heat in Florida will impact the longetivity of the AC and this is one reason to have it replaced once it start to fail in functioning.

If your AC has dirty parts like the motor or the fan as well as the coils then you will not have the right temperature to your home, make it a habit to clean the AC units and always put off the power when you are cleaning.