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Tips for Saving Money and Time with USPS for Business

Today’s consumers expect faster shipping than ever before, a fact that is contributed to by several factors, however, if you are a business owner USPS is here to bail you out. Business owners understand the benefits of USPS because they know firsthand how shipping costs consume a large chunk of their profits, even if they are not using expedited shipping. Most people prefer more expensive shipping companies over USPS because they do not understand how it works, although it is just as effective. In this article you will learn how to save money and time by using USPS for business.

There are few things that business owners hate more than wasting their time standing in a line at the post office to get their packages shipped. Once you understand how it works, instead of going to the post office you can pay a small fee for their in-demand services and your package will be picked within two hours of scheduling. Whether the carrier is picking up one or many more packages, you will pay the same amount of money.
As a business owner, time is an important commodity and that is why USPS saves you the hassle of going to the post office to postages and shipping labels because you can easily print them from the comfort of your home after hours or in your office. Best of all if you download USPS’s software; you will easily be able to pay for all of your postage via PayPal on your computer. The USPS’s software comes with tracking and reporting metrics which allow you to keep an eye on your packages all the time once you understand how it works.

Once you understand how it works, you can take advantage of security feature with USPS for business if your packages are going to arrive if you are out of town. If you are planning to leave town, you can put your mail deliveries up to thirty days before your departure through your USPS business account. Another security feature you can advantage of is the USPS receipt program that allows someone to receive your packages on your behalf and sign a receipt to let you the package has been received and more about return receipts here.

By understanding how it works, every door direct mail created by USPS can help you penetrate the market and reach more of your clients. Instead of targeting every household like before, every door direct mail has a unique online mapping tool you can use to figure out where to target. Being able to spot a heavily populated area will save you both time and money used on mailing lists which might not be profitable. Now you know how to save both money and time using USPS for business.

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