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The Amazing Benefits Of Using Fairtrade

Fairtrade is commonly known as a fair way of importing goods that have been done by businesses that are earning livable wages from what they’re doing. Instead of taking advantage of the free market system to pay workers, producers have come to an agreement that they will meet a specific wage and production standards in return to their certain import concessions. These standards include the protection of the environment, the workers’ rights, and the payment of the fairtrade minimum to invest in business or community projects.

An Excellent Wage System
Living wages are just a few cents per hour when involved in the fairtrade. There are a lot of cooperatives that offer remarkably higher wages to workers compared to what the general market supports on a local basis. Also, many cooperatives make investments within local communities in order to support their workers.

Gives Benefits To The Community
Fairtrade cooperatives and providers give comfort to the family of workers. Many workers are able to work in good conditions that exceed local standards, also the safety of the worker is the top priority. Hazardous and dangerous chemicals or other substances that bring risk to their health is forbidden. Which gives the worker and it’s community the safety they deserve.

Discrimination Is Forbidden
The workers in a fairtrade cooperative are free from discrimination, yes! They don’t experience discrimination in their workplace. This allows the workers to enjoy their work and will boost the worker’s productivity. The most common type of discrimination is race and gender, but putting the race and gender aside that are no more rooms for the discrimination to happen. That’s why there are more women in a fairtrade cooperative because gender doesn’t matter and they can earn more through fairtrade compared to wages earned through a conventional means.

Reduces Child Labor
Children are very much common to be used as a worker in the undeveloped parts of the world or third world countries. Many children work for long hours without any payment, or if they do earn it is underpaid and only a small fraction from the actual payment. Fairtrade has a practice that helps to reduce or even eliminate the need for child labor because a child does not deserve to work not until he graduates and becomes an adult. Fairtrade workers earn enough wages to support the needs of their families and can provide a better future for their children. This means that a child can enjoy his childhood without thinking about working as a labor and can receive the education that a child deserves.

Availability Of Products
Fairtrade is growing and encompasses most of the goods that are produced in the world today, from basic commodities to anything that you want. You can look at fairtrade websites and search for the things that you want because they have everything. You can also help small businesses or small cooperatives by buying things that they sell at a fairtrade.

Gives The Small Businesses The Ability To Become Internationally Competitive
There are a lot of small cooperatives and small scale businesses that have become fairtrade and can instantly compete with large scale businesses globally. This means that it gives the opportunity to those businesses or cooperatives to showcase what they got internationally and that large scale businesses are unable to exploit workers or force the competitive cooperatives out of the business game. The pricing and distribution are handled equally when products are imported to avoid business dominance among others.

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